2015 Ford Edge in Jacksonville NC

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2015 Ford Edge Jacksonville NC

There are a number of reasons to consider a crossover SUV when it comes time to get a new vehicle, and one of the most capable, most innovative vehicles in the 2015 Ford Edge in Jacksonville NC. The 2015 Ford Edge in Jacksonville NC is a great vehicle for any area driver because it features just about anything you could want and need in a vehicle.

The 2015 Ford Edge is redesigned for the new model year to be sleeker and more advanced than ever before, which will give drivers an edge up on everyone else on the road who is looking for a stylish, sleek ride with tons of high-tech features. You won’t be able to You’ve never seen anything like the 2015 Ford Edge before, and we are so excited to see it in our showroom at Sanders Ford!

2015 Ford Edge Swansboro NC

The 2015 Ford Edge will be a great addition to any family as it is one of the most versatile, durable, reliable vehicles on the market. Its sporty, athletic design and its eager-to-please engine and handling make it easy and fun to drive. The 2015 Edge comes with a 2.7L V6 EcoBoost engine that is expected to provide exceptional fuel economy ratings, produce very few emissions and generate enough power for some impressive towing capacities. All of those benefits, plus making enough horsepower and torque to impress NASCAR racers, make for a compelling vehicle that you are running out of reasons not to get. The interior of the 2015 Edge is just as sleek as the exterior, and even more advanced than you’ve ever imagined. For example, the 2015 Edge in Swansboro NC features adaptive steering and cruise control, which is a new feature that automatically adjusts the front wheels to turn more or less depending on the vehicle’s direction of travel, which allows the driver to use less energy turning the steering wheel.  If you had any 


doubt that self-driving cars were a possibility, this feature definitely sheds some light onto the types of technology readily available.


Get the 2015 Ford Escape in North Carolina

One the best parts about the getting the 2015 Ford Edge in North Carolina is that it will fit your lifestyle perfectly, no matter what that may be, because it is so versatile and compatible with any type driving and terrain. The 2015 Edge is designed to be a family-friendly and capable of handling any type of job that may arise. We think one of the most useful features of the 2015 Ford Edge include the parking assistance system, which helps drivers parallel or perpendicular park by using ultrasonic sensors. The Edge does all of the steering, all drivers have to do accelerate, brake and shift. Another high-tech feature included in the 2015 Ford Edge is the front 180-degree camera that allows drivers to see around corners at slow speeds and while pulling out of parking spots.

Also available is Ford SYNC, Ford’s infotainment system that puts all others to shame. Your vehicle should be smart enough to help you get where you need to go, and we have no doubts about the 2015 Edge. Get more information today at Sanders Ford!