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2015 Ford Explorer Jacksonville NC

Ford has a history of paving the way for the automotive industry. They are often ahead of the game when it comes to design and safety features. This year is no different, with the release of the 2015 Ford Explorer in Swansboro NC. Ford has a lot more competition than it used to, but that only means that they working even harder to give buys what they a deserve, a crossover vehicle that has everything from safety features to power and fuel economy.

2015 Ford Explorer Swansboro NC 2015-ford-explorer-B.jpg

With the 2015 Ford Explorer, Ford decided to give drivers the power to drive down any path and in any condition. Sometimes that path isn’t perfect or even paved, but the Ford Explorer isn’t going to give up. It comes with a terrain management system that turns that makes it capable of anything. The dial is located on the dash and it modifies the vehicle to be able to handle mud/ruts, sand, grass, gravel, snow, and normal driving conditions. The Explorer also comes standard with 3.5L Ecoboost V6 engine that helps it get the best-in-class highway fuel economy. It is even able to regulate speed at steep declines.

Now only does the 2015 Ford handle well, but it also has some great new safety features. Ford is one of the first companies to introduce the inflatable second row safety belts. The belts don’t look any different, but they are designed to to inflate upon impact. In less than a second, the belt will inflate and help absorb impact from the crash.


Check out the New Ford Explorer in North Carolina

The 2015 Ford Explorer is designed to drive in any condition and take the path less traveled. The terrain management system, highway fuel economy and inflatable safety will make any adventure worth going on. The 2015 Explorer has a variety of special features without slacking on power. It has an impressive design and even more impressive driving abilities.