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2015 Ford F-150 vs 2015 RAM 1500

2015 Ford F-150 VS 2015 RAM 1500
$26,030 MSRP $25,660
Twin-Turbo Turbocharger Not Available
1,910 lbs. Base-trim Max Payload 1,520 lbs.
Optional Steering Wheel Audio Controls Not Available


2015 Ford F-150 vs 2015 RAM 1500

We think people buying a truck have the right to be picky. Afterall, it’s not just a vehicle being used to commute from one place to another: this is a work machine. Whether you directly involve your truck with your job or not doesn’t matter, it’s still going to be used for heavy lifting every now and then. It could be a friend moving, a weekend camping trip, or anything else -- but the fact is trucks need to be equipped to handle a variety of tasks.


Comparing the 2015 F-150 vs 2015 RAM 1500, it’s easy to see some of the benefits of each. They both get great fuel efficiency for their class, can tow a comparable amount at base trims, and have nearly the same cost.


The two also come in high-end trims that are well equipped with a variety of features. For the 2015 F-150 we see it coming with a premium Sony audio system and heated, leather seats -- which the RAM matches with its own audio system and heated, leather seats.




Differences between the 2015 Ford F-150 and 2015 RAM 15002015_f150_towing_circle.jpg

The two also both come powered by large V8 engines, though the F-150 ends up doing more work. It’s quicker than the RAM 1500, and will beat it from 0-60mph and they both get the same MPG, but that’s where the equal comparison ends. The Ford F-150 can carry more than 800 lbs. more in its truck bed (for a total of 2,070 lbs.) and the trailer rating is a similar story -- which ends up being 8,900 lbs. vs 7,759 lbs.


The 2015 Ford F-150 also surpasses the RAM’s interior quality, with convenient features like adaptive cruise control, a feature unavailable on the 1500, and standard keyless access. The F-150 also comes with numerous safety features like lane departure warning and blind-spot sensors that are great for lowering insurance costs.


Interested in giving the 2015 Ford F-150 a test drive? We have a huge selection of Ford trucks at Sanders Ford in Jacksonville because we know how important they are to our customers -- who need a dependable and tough vehicle in their lives. Come by anytime to our Jacksonville or Swansboro location to talk to our friendly staff, and learn more about any Ford vehicle.