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2015 Ford F-350 Jacksonville NC

Drivers who are looking to a new pick up truck has many options to choose from. They need to determine what features are necessary for their day-to-day lives. Pick up trucks are most often used for towing and transporting cargo, but there’s much more to this type of vehicle. The 2015 Ford F-350 in Swansboro is much more than just a big truck. It has a variety of safety, technology and design features that make it more than just your average pick up.

Ford Features

2015-Ford-F-350-B.jpgThe 2015 Ford F-350 have some impressive special features to make your drive more enjoyable. The first of these features is the Sony audio system. It includes nine speakers that make it easy to hear from any area in the cabin. It also pairs well with the MyFord Touch system. This system allows the driver to enjoy hands free calling, bluetooth audio, audible text messaging, and intuitive controls. It essentially allows you to control the environment of your vehicle. It even has easy-to-use controls to adjust the climate/temperature of your truck at all times. It also has an available rearview camera which comes in handle for hooking up any type trailer, camper, boat etc. The camera is mounted on the tailgate and it sends the live video to the display screen in the rearview mirror or an available 8-inch LCD screen. The driver can use the standard mirror view and the camera view at a glance. It’s perfect for hooking up a trailer or just backing into a parking spot.


2015 Ford Super Duty F-350 Swansboro NC

The 2015 Ford Super Duty F-350 is just one of the great truck options here at Sanders Ford. We know how important it is to buy a vehicle that has all the features you need to get the job done. Call today to schedule a test drive or ask any further questions about the 2015 Ford F-350. If you need a truck that’s going to make your life easier and get you where you need to go, check out the Ford F-350 in Jacksonville.