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2015 Ford Edge vs 2015 Toyota Tundra

2015 Ford F150 VS 2015 Toyota Tundra
19 city/22 highway MPG 15 city/19 highway
385 Max horsepower 381
12,200 pounds Max towing 10,500 pounds
3,300 pounds Max payload 2,080 pounds


2015 Ford F150 vs 2015 Toyota Tundra

When comparing top-of-the-line light-duty pickup trucks, it can be a nightmare trying to figure out which one is better in certain categories. This is why we wanted to give you all of the information you need, cleanly laid out and easy to read, in one place.


There are a few different light-duty pickups that are remarkable, but the one that really takes the cake, especially for the 2015 model year, is the F-150.

The Ford F150 has always been one of America’s most popular pickups, and it remains so with its redesign and innovative technology for the 2015 model year.


When compared to other pickups in its segment all tend to fall short in terms of power and efficiency. Comparing the 2015 Toyota F150 vs 2015 Toyota Tundra makes for an interesting battle between the brawny pickups because they are similar in outward appearance and style, but when you compare the specs, the Tundra doesn’t come anywhere close to the F150; it is even more affordable!





2015 Ford F150 Swansboro Jacksonville NC2015-responsive-comp-Ford-F-150-B.jpg

The 2015 Ford F150 has a number of drivers excited because of its new construction method that involved aluminum. Now, this isn’t your everyday aluminum foil. Ford manufacturers use military-grade aluminum alloy for the vehicle’s construction, which not only actually improves the vehicle’s strength, but it also makes it more efficient because it weighs less.


The 2015 Ford F150 Jacksonville NC is available right now at Sanders Ford! There are a number of drivers who have already taken advantage of this exciting new truck, and we want you to be one of them, too! Even though the 2015 F150 is made from aluminum, it also received a five-star safety rating, which is even higher than prior model years!


Some of the fun features that we love about the 2015 Ford F150 Jacksonville NC include a 360-degree camera with split-view display, in-cab, fully-flat loading storage, an 8-inch LCD productivity screen and LED lighting.


Get it today at Sanders Ford!