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2015 Ford Fusion Jacksonville NC

When selecting a new vehicle to purchase, there are a lot of factors to consider. Some vehicles make you choice between fuel economy and storage or safety and technology, but the 2015 Ford Fusion in Swansboro NC has everything in one moderately sized package. The 2015 Fusion even comes in a variety of models to choose from depending on what features customers want. It can be bought in hybrid form or in a bunch of different body types. The 2015 Ford Fusion has all the options and features needed in a car.

Many Options To Choose From 2015-Ford-Fusion-B.jpg

The 2015 Ford Fusion comes in eight different models, including hybrid or completely electronic options for those looking for a more eco friendly option. The Fusion Energi provides an all electric driving experience. It also comes with MyFord Mobile that helps drivers monitor and schedule charging its battery. MyFord Mobile can also act as a remote to unlock/unlock doors and even remote start the vehicle. This app gives buyers power at the touch of their finger. The 2015 Fusion also comes with a variety of safety feature options. All models come standard with a rear view camera so that the driver can always have eyes in the back of their head and stay safe when driving in reverse. It also has a blind spot information system (BLIS) to keep drivers informed of objects that could be near but out of sight. Another common Ford feature that comes with the Fusion is second row inflatable seatbelts. These seat belts will help absorb energy incase of an impact. All these safety features make the 2015 Ford Fusion ready to drive.


2015 Ford Fusion Swansboro NC

No matter the engine type, special features, or color buyers choice, they won’t be disappointed in the 2015 Ford Fusion in North Carolina. Build and price the Ford Fusion today. Create a car that fits your needs and lifestyle. Whether it’ll be driving near or far, the Ford Fusion shouldn’t be overlooked. Schedule a test drive today and see what options the Fusion has to offer. It is the perfect vehicle to customize to each individuals needs.