2016 Ford Fiesta vs 2016 Chevy Sonic


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2016 Ford Fiesta vs 2016 Chevy Sonic

2016 Ford Fiesta VS 2016 Chevy Sonic
Available Leather Seats Not available
28 City/36 Highway Base MPG 26 City/35 Highway
$14,580 MSRP $14,345
2L EcoBoost I4 Turbocharged Base engine 3.5L V8


2016 Ford Fiesta vs Chevy Sonic

Subcompact cars are great for people who want to both maximize on fuel efficiency, but also keep the cost of entry on their vehicle down. Not everyone can afford a hybrid, but with vehicles like the 2016 Ford Fiesta or 2016 Chevy Sonic, you can get close to hybrid levels of efficiency. But which is the better vehicle for you? Take a look at our 2016 Ford Fiesta vs 2016 Chevy Sonic comparison!

Both the 2016 Ford Fiesta and Sonic come in at roughly the same price, though the Sonic’s MSRP is about $200 less than the Fiesta. Ultimate the price will depend on what trims you’re looking at, the features you want, and whatever deal is currently going on. The two also come standard with fuel efficiency numbers in the mid 30s.


Differences between the 2016 Ford Fiesta and 2016 Chevy SonicDifferences between the 2016 Ford Fiesta and 2016 Chevy Sonic

Even though both the 2016 Ford Fiesta and Sonic start with already good fuel efficiency numbers, you can have the option to increase these even further with engine and transmission options in each of them. The 2016 Sonic can achieve 40 MPG on the highway with one of its engines, but the 2016 Ford Fiesta has it beat with a 43 MPG rating on the highway with its award winning 1.0L EcoBoost engine.


The 2016 Ford Fiesta also comes with a number of interior options that are great for adding some extra value to your vehicle. Not a big fan of how cloth seats feel? You can upgrade to a set of leather seats, which the leatherette seats in the Sonic don’t quite match. The Ford Fiesta also offers a performance trim with a 0-60 mph time that is a whole 3 seconds faster than the sporty Sonic RS trim.

If the 2016 Ford Fiesta sounds like the right car for you, feel free to stop by Sanders Ford in Jacksonville NC and we’ll make sure we give you all the details you’ll need to determine if the Fiesta fits your lifestyle.