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2016 Ford Fusion Jacksonville NC

Drivers who end up coming to Sanders Ford have options, which is one of the main reasons they keep coming back. That and our affordable, everyday prices. It’s easy to understand why someone might want to get a brand-new vehicle, especially if they have only had beat-up old cars, and at Sanders Ford we love being the go-to Ford dealership in the Swansboro Jacksonville area. One of our favorite vehicles as of late is the Ford Fusion. This car screams style and pretty much guarantees a good time no matter where your next adventure takes you. The 2016 Ford Fusion Jacksonville NC is available now at Sanders Ford and we are excited to be able to offer drivers such an exhilarating option for their next vehicle.


Seamless style for all

If it is efficiency and style you want, the Ford Fusion is your guy. Very few vehicles are able to match the Fusion’s available features, affordable price and environmentally friendly engine, all of which come together to create an incredible new vehicle that is as versatile as it is effortlessly cool.

The 2016 Ford Fusion is available as a regular gasoline-fueled model, but it is also available as a hybrid of electric and gasoline, and an all-electric vehicle that only needs an outlet to go for miles. The electric vehicle is a popular option for drivers who are looking to save some time and money at the gas pump and who are also interested in reducing their carbon footprint.

Its sleek style and smooth curves show off some of the Fusion’s best assets, but also notable is the interior. The luxurious seating may not be visible immediately upon laying eyes on the vehicle’s exterior, but once you step into the Fusion, you won't

want to leave.




Get the 2016 Ford Fusion Jacksonville NC today!

As far as features go, the 2016 Ford Fusion is stocked to the rim. It is quite possibly one of the most high-tech vehicles around and it is easy to see why so many drivers love this stylish, powerful sedan more than most of its competitors.

The standard rearview backup camera is a nod to Ford’s dedication to safety and security. This is one of the most important, most wanted features among drivers because it allows them to not only see what is behind their vehicle, but also what is below their direct line of site.

Active Park Assist scans the roadways as you are driving and once it detects a parking spot your Fusion can fit in, it will alert the driver to get ready to park. The great thing about the Active Park Assist feature is that the driver literally doesn’t even have to steer or anything while parking; they just have to switch gears when necessary.

A few of the other features we love about the 2016 Ford Fusion that other Jacksonville NC drivers also enjoy are rain-sensing windshield wipers, Ford SYNC, adaptive cruise control, and an available blind spot monitoring system.

Get your 2016 Ford Fusion today at Sanders Ford!