2017 Ford Explorer Platinum in Jacksonville NC


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2017 Ford Explorer Platinum in Jacksonville NC

The 2017 Ford Explorer boasts many different stats that few other vehicles can match. It has a strong towing capacity, many seats, a powerful engine, and just about everything else you could want out of an SUV. This is even more apparent when you look at a model like the 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum in Jacksonville NC.

The 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum is the best that Ford has to offer for this model and is the highest trim level available. With the Platinum you will get the turbocharged 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine with 365 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque and Intelligent 4WD. Not only will you get a sporty and responsive driving experience, but you can also handle up to a 5,000 pound trailer with this engine in the Explorer.


Get the 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum in Jacksonville NC

get the 2017 ford explorer platinum in jacksonville nc

The Edge is an exceptional vehicle because of its outstanding features and its efficient core. At the center of the 2015 Ford Edge’s being is efficiency, as well as safety, and everything eventually comes back to those two points. Many of the new features in the 2015 Ford Edge Swansboro Jacksonville NC are meant to make the lives of drivers and passengers easier and more comfortable, including its increased fuel economy ratings, its impressive EPA-estimated interior volume, its easy-to-handle 6-speed shiftable automatic transmission and its impressive class-II towing abilities.


You can go anywhere and do anything with the 2015 Ford Edge Swansboro Jacksonville NC, which is what makes it the perfect vehicle for families, individuals and really any driver!


It comes with intelligent all-wheel drive, a hands-free liftgate that is extremely helpful when your hands are full, adaptive cruise control, a lane-keeping assistance system and a blind spot monitoring system.